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TeachRN is an online marketplace where nurses and nursing students can find mentorship services from experienced nursing professionals. Whether you need essay critiques, mock interviews, or transcript audits, our platform offers a wide range of services to help you achieve your nursing career goals.

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At TeachRN, we take pride in our strict vetting and approval process for all of our mentorship service providers. We carefully review each service provider's qualifications, experience, and credentials to ensure that they meet our high standards for quality and professionalism. This manual approval process ensures that our customers can trust that the mentors and services offered on our platform are reliable and trustworthy.

Furthermore, we encourage our customers to provide feedback and rate the services they receive, which allows us to monitor the quality of services provided and take action if necessary. This review system also allows potential customers to view the ratings and feedback of previous customers, which can help them make an informed decision about which mentorship service to choose. By promoting transparency and accountability, we ensure that our customers can trust the services and mentors on our platform.

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Feedback from our community about some amazing mentors

Jordan was awesome! He gave a diverse range of emotional intelligence questions which was perfect for my interview coming up. He provided a lot of feedback with a nuanced perspective that I needed.

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She is amazing! I highly recommend her service. She goes above and beyond and gives great feedback. I was having trouble narrowing down my descriptions and had difficulty putting into words what I wanted to convey. She helped with everything and now I have a great resume.

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No one cares for nurses the way a nurse can. Find compassionate peer-to-peer support from our newest service providers. Be seen, heard and appreciated.

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Frequently asked questions

TeachRN is an open market place that allows all nurses to offer mentorship services and education. You can read customer testimonials to ensure you will be receiving a quality service. You can also communicate directly with your nurse mentor through our platform and request a refund or resolution for a poor outcome.

Please review your nurse mentors cancellation policy during the sign up process. All nurse mentors have the ability to issue full refunds however, they set a cancellation or no show policy that may limit how they issue refunds.

You can also review your selected nurse mentors bio to verify that you will be receiving mentorship from a nurse with the experience or background you desire.

You can send your nurse mentor a private message before or after you book.

To send a message before you book you can click on their profile and you will see "send a message". Your message will be send a email notice to them and they can then respond to your questions.

Once you book a service you can communicate via a private message board directly from viewing your booked order. You can then also upload any documents you forgot during the booking process.

Our system is set up to send direct email notifications so you do not have to worry about missing new communications.

The mentorship you receive is through one on one bookings and individual services. You may stay connected with your mentor and book additional services however each booking will be paid in addition to.

TeachRN desires nurse mentorship to be a sustainable action for all nurses to deliver on an ongoing basis. Mentorship as a service allows your nurse mentor to be supported for their time and efforts contributing to your success. Many nurses who receive mentorship go on to be TeachRN mentors, which creates a sustainable pay it forward nursing community.

We have set up email reminders and you can opt into receiving SMS (text) reminders so that you do not miss your live sessions. You can also add your booking directly to your calendar app.

If you miss your session these are the next steps.

During the booking process you will need to confirm you nurse mentors cancelation or no show policy. You can log into your account and view your booking to review this policy. Depending on the policy you can then request a refund directly from your nurse mentor. You can then rebook at a later date.

You can log into your account and view the order you wish to cancel. You can then communicate with your service provider via chat and request a refund.

For live services you may also reschedule.

For services such as essay edits and resume edits cancellation after the project has begun may not be available. Communicate with your nurse mentor and review their cancellation policy.

You can log into your order dashboard and view the order you wish to reschedule. You will have a reschedule button for live services. For non-live services such as resume edits and essay edits you will need to communicate your needs with your nurse mentor in the private message board.

Payment is due at the time of booking. You can reschedule live services and you can request a refund directly from your nurse mentor if your needs change. Please review your nurse mentors cancellation policy prior to booking ahead.

You may communicate this directly with your nurse mentor. You will need to work with them directly to resolve the issue.

If you did not receive the desired outcome you can leave public feedback. It is important to address any issues with your service provider directly.

Due to the nature of how the service is paid, TeachRN cannot issue refunds on behalf of your nurse mentor. You must request a refund or work out a resolution directly with your nurse mentor.

We are always looking for new nurse mentors with unique experiences and backgrounds to join our team. Please let us know exactly what you were hoping to find and we will do our best to make that happen. Please reach out to

You will receive a email remind 24 hours and 1 hour before your live event. You can also opt-in to receive text reminders from your profile settings page.

Once you have paid for your digital download you can access the PDF download directly from your order page. If you ever lose or misplace your download you can log back into TeachRN to retrieve it again.

You can upload them during the checkout process or after you have completed check out you can attach them directly in the private messaging area.