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Mentoring can be a two-way street, and as a mentor, you may find that you also enhance your own skills and knowledge through teaching and guiding others.
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Joining TeachRN as a mentor allows you to share your expertise, make a meaningful impact, expand your professional network, and even earn additional income. Sign up today to inspire and guide nursing professionals and students, while growing both personally and professionally.

“TeachRN has been such a positive for me. I consistently get to meet people to mentor and learn so much from them.”

Haley Franck
Haley Frank

The process of becoming a mentor is simple. Each mentor is approved manually after submitting the appropriate details by an TeachRN administrator to ensure that you are qualified in your field.

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Submit details such as a brief bio and other professional details to be reviewed and approved.
  3. Finish onboarding your account by integrating your bank account. All details are stored securely in Stripe.
  4. Start creating mentorship services. Set up all the details and content for your services.
  5. Publish your service and start receiving orders.

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Frequently asked questions

TeachRN is a unique marketplace made for nurses by nurses. Unlike other freelance marketplaces, we only serve nurses in our marketplace. This means you can be assured that all the traffic who comes to our website will be your ideal customers. We also assure that all mentors are identified as real nurses and faculty through our verification process. This means that our website will grow loyal followers who know they can count on the quality of services and resources they buy. Most of our customers are repeat buyers and will use our services several times over the duration of their nursing careers. This means you can develop long-standing relationships with your customers.

No. In fact, we do not allow you to share your personal information like email and phone number directly with your customers. All communication needs to happen within the platform. This will ensure we can assist you should a problem arise. Customers will be able to direct message you prior to booking a service and then after you book a service you can have a private message board where you can communicate with them. You can keep your identity private if you wish by creating a unique user name. This is especially important for nurse faculty who need to keep boundaries with their institutions

We strive to review and approve accounts within 24-48 hours of the application M-F. We do not approve applications over the weekend or on major holidays.

  • TeachRN utilizes Stripe Connect to receive and transfer all monies collected. You will set up your Stripe account and connect it to your bank account. Transfers happen automatically every two weeks.
  • Is Stripe Connect secure? Yes, Stripe is a major payment platform that large companies utilize all over the world. They have the very best security features.
  • TeachRN does not directly handle any sensitive information like bank account numbers or tax-related documents. This all occurs outside of TeachRN with Stripe Connect.

You will log into your TeachRN account and find the service you wish to refund. You will see a green refund button once you click this a full refund will be issued.

  • A “Pro” status account will be earned automatically once 100 services have been completed and your account maintains a 4 out of 5 stars. All accounts are eligible once this criterion is met. This will allow you to gain more customers who trust you will provide quality service and it will allow you to charge premium prices.
  • A “Expert” status account will display on your profile the way “pro” does which allows customers to know you are an expert in your field of study through faculty experience. You have to apply and be approved to become an “Expert” service provider. You will have to submit your resume and a photocopy of your faculty identification badge or an official letterhead that displays your credentials. Similarly to “Pro” status you will gain the trust of our community quicker, receive more bookings and charge premium prices.

The nurses who use our platform will be from any nursing specialty. They may still be a nursing student, new grads, or an experienced nurse looking to advance their career. This is why applying tags to your services will help verify the nurses booking your services are your ideal customers. You can also set up a questionnaire, instructions, and service description to help eliminate some confusion. If you determine it is not a good fit you can communicate that to the customer and issue a refund.

TeachRN has no control over how you set your prices. You can charge whatever you feel is appropriate, keeping our 35% service fee in mind. So pick the price you would like to receive based on the amount of time it will require from you to complete and add 35%. If you are unsure and find it takes you longer than expected, you can always adjust your price for new bookings going forward. All your services and resources can have unique price points. You can even add basic, standard, and premium tiers to your services.

  • Disclaimer: We are not authorized to give legal or tax advice and recommend consulting with your CPA. However, as a freelancer, an LLC will help keep your personal assets protected if a legal problem should ever arise with your freelance work. You can file an LLC online for usually less than $300. We recommend
  • You will be responsible for submitting a 1099 to the IRS and reporting the income earned with TeachRN. You can find these documents inside your Stripe Connect. For this reason, keeping a clear record of 1099 earnings is recommended. You can open a new checking or savings account to do this.

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